Special projects 

Halloween Horror Night 5 :

Aik Ming was selected to do his diploma's internship programme at Universal Studio Singapore's Halloween Horror Night 5

Below are the sound design projects that Aik Ming done for the haunted houses installations and live shows for event.

Live Show: New York Invaders

Aik Ming did most of the editing, sound design  work for the 'New York Invaders' live show.

There were  a lot of synthesized sounds created as alien ship's weapons, firefights, music and etc.

The track were then implemented onto the show itself (Q-Lab), fully supported by line array speakers and huge subwoofers

with a live cast, pyrotechnic and lighting effects.

Haunted House Siloso Gateway Block 50

Aik Ming and his team did the sound design for the haunted house, Siloso Gateway Block 50.

The theme, focused on the haunting of HDB buildings.

Aik Ming created the soundscapes of the Entrance, Provision shop and Eurasian room with certain scare triggers.

Silso Gateway Block 50 - Walkthrough
Haunted House: Hell House

Aik Ming and his team did the sound design for the haunted house, Hell House.

The theme focused on afterlife based on the Chinese Taoism belief.

Aik Ming did the BGM that were played throughout the house, soundscapes for the entrance and void rooms.

Hell House - Walkthrough

Aik Ming and his team did the sound design for the haunted house, Tunnel People

The theme focused on total darkness 

Aik Ming did the Background music loop that was played throughout the house.

Tunnel- Walkthrough

Halloween Horror Night 4 :

Aik Ming and his team were selected by Universal Studio Singapore to do the sound design for the haunted house, Jing's Revenge.

The theme of the haunted house was a Haunted Chinese School.

Aik Ming did the soundscapes for the General Office, Art Corridor, Art Room, Long Corridor and Killing room

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